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Brochures Print and Mailing Services for Your Business


Brochures print and mailing services allow you to promote your business successfully, look unique with the best printing quality, save time with end to end direct mail services, and drive more business with help from real people. Online printing companies allow you to upload your own direct mail brochure design or create a well-designed brochure online within minutes. A reliable printer can provide:


  • Full color digital printing on both sides
  • Same day turnaround
  • Low minimum order if mailing is also included
  • Use your own design or customize one that the printing company provides


Whether you want the brochures for being printed and shipped to you or you want to mail the brochures directly to the customers for direct mailing, there are many options available.


Print and Address Services


This includes printing the image for the brochures and addressing the image too. You may even avail of the printing only services for the brochures. There are companies that print the brochures and ship them through your choice of mailing provider. If you are handing out the brochures physically, and are looking for high quality brochures printing services online, select from a number of available printers.


Direct Mail Brochures Print Sizes


Regular 4.25″ x 5.6″ Brochure: This is the most common size of brochure that is found for printing and mailing purposes. It is a size that is also referred to as the 4 x 6 brochure, although the finished product has a slightly varying size.


Jumbo 5.5″ x 8.5″ Brochure: This is a larger card mailer which is just the size of a sheet of office paper that is folded in half from top to bottom.


Panoramic 5.75″ x 11.25″ Brochure: This is a wide format of brochure as the name suggests. It can attract a lot of attention when mixed with the regular mail and smaller brochures, especially with a large exterior shot or landscape photograph.


Giant 8.5″ x 11″ Brochure: This is the largest format size that is available for mailing and printing. This is the same size as a standard sheet of office paper. It is a bold size that attracts a lot of attention and is often delivered wrapped around other mail. This means that the customers will definitely see your brochures print.


Choices of Paper for Printing Brochures


Laminated Cover Stock: The laminated cover stock option for brochures is one that is applicable to a slip film lamination to a heavy cover stock. The purpose of the lamination is to protect the cards and the printing they carry and provide high gloss coating for optimum impact. The only drawback of this stock is that the slip-film laminated cards cannot be recycled with traditional recycling. The process of mail sorting and delivery is often done with the help of rollers that move the brochures through the system.


The rollers may be used to remove ink or toner from the printed brochures, making them appear not as good as you hoped during the time of delivery. For this reason, customers often choose laminated cover stock to make sure that their brochures reach customers in their best shape.


UV Coated Cover Stock: This is an aqueous or water based coating that is applied to heavy cover stock, providing a rich and glossy finish, including an added protection against handling. This UV coated stock does not offer 100% protection like standard slip film lamination, but these can be recycled along with the paper.


Uncoated Heavy Card Stock: This is a card stock which is somewhat heavier than the greeting cards. If the brochure is printed and left uncoated, these stocks have a matte and smooth surface along with rich colors that make the end result simply great. You can write on the surface with pen or pencil. However, these brochures are too much prone to damage in transit. While ordering the brochures print on uncoated stock, choose the shipping option instead of the mailing option.


Uncoated Cover Stock: Uncoated cover stock is quite similar to the weight and feel of a typical greeting card. If left uncoated, the stock will still demonstrate rich colors, although it is matte and smooth and not shiny. It is a unique combination of durability and weight for brochure-like printed pieces for handing out, rather than being mailed.


Terms such as ‘rich’, ‘glossy’ and ‘heavy’ or ‘smooth’ are subjective. This is why it is best to check whether you want something by seeing it at first. This will help you tell the difference.


Options in Direct Mail Brochure Design


You can create your brochure online. If you know you will order brochures print online, but do not know where to get your print piece from, there is no need to worry as thousands of brochure printing templates are available online for customization. It is simple and anyone can do it. The designs can be used for free. You are required to pay only for mailing and printing. Some of the popular templates that are available include the following categories:


  • Home services brochure templates
  • Real estate brochure templates
  • Retail brochure design templates
  • Healthcare designs
  • Insurance brochure templates
  • Mortgage brochure templates
  • Financial brochure templates


All you need to do is visit a category of your choice or choose one that complements your industry, select a type of product which suits the size of brochure which you want to print and customize the design with your images and information.


Upload Your Brochure Design


Once you have chosen the brochure to print, select the template of your choice and get going. You can choose from the different sizes of brochures, bleeds and printable and non-print areas. These aspects make sure that your design prints appear just as you had wanted and your brochures look just the way you had envisioned. Today, with so many companies around, you can easily choose a provider that offers quality work and good value for money. Hence, you will not have a problem finding the right company.