Printing Directories of Postcards by Several Popular Methods


The concept of color printing is in use from very ancient times. The method of printing varies from the earlier days with the application of latest technology. Printing companies are utilizing latest technologies to improve their impacts of color printing.

Produce colorful attractive images on paper by using different technologies. If you have a desire to achieve the colorful impact you require graphic procedures and other industrial based equipment. Many business organizations and companies these days are using postcards to promote their products and services among their customers and the potential clients. Get your postcards printed in various styles with the varieties of printing processes. If you are trying to come up with different types of impacts through the colorful printing then you need to have proper knowledge about the printing processes. Printing postcard is very common in the business field.

The various printing approaches as prevailing in the markets are as follows:


Printing with CMYK or Four Color Method:


It is a very popular printing form. Maximum number of printing companies uses this method of printing for commercial purposes and also for industrial uses. It is mainly used for printing fully colored pictures, mainly snaps. Four colored printing method combines three primary shades including black. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Black is represented by K. Here K implies key color. This is due to the reason that if B was used instead of K it may be confused with brown or blue shade. These shades are again available in translucent or in semi-transparent mode. If two such shades get overlapped due to the sequential printing method then you come up with another basic shade.


Are you having any difficulty in understanding the process as described above? Then check out the example. If yellow is printed over with magenta only you will come up with red. When all the three primary shades get overlapped then you will come up with a shade quite similar to that of black. The secondary sets of colors like yellow, cyan and magenta are considered as the primary shades by many experts operating in the printing industry. The transparent natures of the shades are the only reason because of which they are categorized as the primary colors. Two graphical processes are needed as you opt for four color printing. Printing postcards with these methods become easier if the printers have detail knowledge about it.



These methods are employed to create printing plates that enables you to transfer impressions of colors into papers in the printing presses as it adopts the operating principle of lithography.