Preparing to print postcards on large format

Print Using Six shades:

Yet another printing method that has intrigues much curiosity among the printers is the usage of six colors. This method is also gaining popularity slowly. Along with the four colors as used in CMYK method, orange and green are also enlisted. But this system of alternate colors includes processes like half toning, separation of colors and lithography.


Spot color printing:

This type of colorful printing process includes either single shade or multiple color options devoid of the range of primary colors. Spot color printing is referred to this particular method that includes options of limited colors. This printing process mainly involves deigns printed in isolated condition. It discards the method of blending inks to produce several other shades.

Many varieties of spot colors are available. Numerous options of the colors show its resemblances with the paint shades. Different types of colors as available in the spot color printing method offer the users with unlimited variations in comparison to the colors available through four color printing method. Fluorescents, pastel shades as well as colors with metallic tinge are available in the list of the colors cited in this printing method.

Different printing methods are there in the markets but as you choose the modern techniques you are assured to achieve better output. As per the business requirement and budget allotment select your preferred printing method.

Printed postcards are also available in wonderful colors as you opt for this spot color method. Postcards as provide the organizations with business supports you need to come up with the best of the lot. Distinguish your postcard from others by using the best services for your business development.

Offset Printing in Litho Pattern



Among the offset printing schemes, offset “litho” option as commonly referred as litho is extremely user friendly process. It is also the cheapest of the lot. For medium and long print that too in reasonable cost, this process can be the best choice. Primary expenses are made as you create the metal printed plates. But immediately after their creation and loading they are capable of producing hundreds and thousands of prints. In this process the cost involved in ink and papers are much less. Through roller series ink can be applied on the metallic plates. As the plates are never in the direct contact of the papers, the process is referred as offset. This offset printing again is carried out through CMYK and spot color printing methods.

Digital Printing



This process is quite complex compared to that of the other printing methods. Here each image is assembled with the usage of complex set of digits and formulas. Images are represented in pixels that are actually assemblage of dots. This method is better known as digitizing. The digital version of the picture is used in other digitalized platform including toner, ink and exposure to electromagnetic energy for the production of great images. Color Management System is available which allows retaining the same colors as you are viewing them in original.

Large format printing



Large printing version is used when you are printing anything larger than the dimension of A3. The printers producing this work have potential of printing on astonishing varieties of substrates.

As one goes through these articles one can gather enough printing knowledge. It will help to achieve best results while printing postcard for promotional purposes. Choose the type of the printing methods to come up with the best results.